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Jamileh Kharrazi at the Global Hope Leadership Summit 2017

Global Hope Leadership Summit 2017

The 2017 summit took place September 18 and was hosted by the Director-General of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Irina Bokova. She is also on the Leadership Council of GHC. State and government leaders, like the Presidents of Iraq, Ghana, France, Mugaria and Malta, joined others to launch the coalition.

“In response to violent extremism in cities worldwide, it’s not only the armed forces that ultimately will bring a better, safer future,” said PR Newswire.This is a battle to win the hearts and minds of those at risk of violent extremism influence,” said Bokova. “With the newly formed Global Hope Coalition, we’re coming together as a global community to help fight violent extremism and intolerance, protect cultural heritage, and encourage intercultural dialogue.”

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