Jamileh Kharrazi

Gender-Based Oppression and Harassment – a Global Problem


Harassment and oppression is not just a challenge for women. It’s a social and economic problem impacting all nations around world.  Women have fewer job opportunities, lower wages, and less opportunities for political participation. This inhibits critical social and economic development, particularly in poorer areas. As a result, preventing gender-based oppression is critical to increasing quality of life for everyone.

What people see in popular media often plays out in their own communities. The World Health Organization has found that social acceptance of violence and harassment increases its likelihood. So, powerful figures in film and media must step up to help stop violence and harassment of women.

All women, from glamorous celebrities of film and television to women in developing countries, experience gender-based violence, harassment, and oppression. In order to remedy this global problem, social institutions must evolve.  However, this change will not occur on its own.

Social activists are working to create a better world for women, but not by taking to the streets. Rather, they are broadcasting their message to the world through fashion – most recently on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards.


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