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Golden Globes Attendees Wear Black to Protest Violence and Harassment Against Women

The Golden Globe Awards celebrate achievements in film, television, and media. However, the January 7 ceremony was colored by protest – and that color was black.

In the months preceding the awards, prominent actresses like Meryl Streep and Emma Stone confirmed to media that they were planning to protest gender-based harassment in Hollywood. Their chosen method was to wear black dresses, showing their solidarity for women affected by violence and oppression around the world. Prominent men in Hollywood also joined in protest, as reported by People Magazine.

In light of the violence that too often accompanies social activism, the Golden Globes protest was refreshingly peaceful. Further, due to the high visibility of those involved, it was very effective at spreading its message. This new wave of peaceful protest has created a new avenue for social change. And, just like the women leading the charge, it is doing so with the beauty and grace that defines the female gender.

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