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Saudi Women Are Central in the Kingdom’s Political Reform

Like in most countries, politics and culture in Saudi Arabia mix together to create a code of conduct.   Traditionally, Saudi women have not been able to travel and socialize as freely as women in the West. This confuses some Westerners, many of whom view some of the Kingdom’s gender policies as “odd.”

However, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is changing. New leadership – the young and charismatic Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in particular – is spearheading reform. Alongside his son, the recently-coronated Saudi King Salman is working hard to modernize the country through sweeping reforms. These reforms are known simply as “Vision 2030.”

Women are central focus in Vision 2030. For example, King Salman recently issued a Royal Decree allowing Saudi women to drive cars. The first legal Saudi woman driver is expected to take to the streets in June 2018. As reported by The Guardian, women are very excited to be a part of the Kingdom’s modernization. This is especially true for Saudi women who are also sports fans.

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