Jamileh Kharrazi

Women in Tunisia


Tunisia continues to make important reforms for women. For example, Tunisia once banned Muslim women from marrying outside their faith. Now, women have freedom to marry who they choose. Similarly, the government created a new law that gave Tunisian women unprecedented legal support.

In mid-2017, Tunisia passed a new law protecting women from violence. International organizations, including U.N. Women, are applauding the new policy. Now, Tunisian girls and women have more legal protection against several forms of abuse. The law prohibits harassment and economic discrimination as well as domestic and sexual violence.

According to Human Rights Watch, this is the first Tunisian law specifically addressing violence against women. Victims of abuse have more protections, and perpetrators have greater consequences. In a historically conservative nation, these are progressive reforms.

Like the civil reform of years past, change for women did not come without a fight. Nearly half of all Tunisian women have experience violence. As a result, legal reform was desperately needed. The new law is a critical step in the right direction. However, more education and social activism is needed to make sure change takes hold.

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