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Education Creates Greater Economic and Social Opportunities

Education Creates Greater Economic and Social Opportunities

Lady Jamileh Kharrazi understands that education is critical to ending human rights abuses. Greater educational opportunities in war-torn Afghanistan, particularly for women and historically disadvantaged individuals will lead to a more peaceful and prosperous future.

According to The Human Rights Watch, increasing education is a critical part of Afghanistan’s long-term development.  Unfortunately, in a war-torn country, this is easier said than done.

With the help of donors and supporters, Afghanistan has increased access to childhood education.   Now, nearly three-fourths of all Afghani children are enrolled in elementary school.

Despite this progress, there is more work to be done. Only a small portion of Afghani adults have completed formal education. So, AUAF’s adult-oriented programs are filling a critical gap in the country’s development.

As more opportunities for education arise, Afghanistan’s society will build stronger and stronger. However, the benefits of higher education in Afghanistan do not end at politics and economics. Indeed, a more education population brings many important benefits, particularly for women.


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