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Arts and Culture Create a Platform for Sharing Ideas

Arts and Culture Create a Platform for Sharing Ideas

Lady Kharrazi believes in humanity and family values. She understands that love is universal, and that what brings us together is far more powerful than what makes us different. This is why she works hard to bridge cultural divides through her charitable organization, the Toos Foundation.

Preserving Art to Preserve Culture and History

Originally from Iran, she has seen artifacts of critical cultural and historical value destroyed in the name of revolution. As widely reported, the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran saw priceless and timeless artifacts destroyed.

This destruction, however, is irreversible. It takes knowledge away from the people that can’t be returned. By destroying art and cultural artifacts, political minds try to rewrite history in their favor. As a result, we all must fight to keep arts and culture alive and well.

Shusma Datt of Women in Focus just recently gushed about Lady Kharrazi, referring to her as “an amazing person who is so close to art and culture.” Indeed, she has taken on the important mission of rebuilding destroyed culture.

Through the Toos Foundation, she is working hard to refill the cultural archives lost to nations in conflict. This includes traditional music and dance, architecture, sculpture, painting, and every other form of artistic expression.

Without these artifacts, it’s difficult for young people to get a sense of their roots.

Children grow up not knowing about how their ancestors lived, and therefore not really understanding themselves.

Much of Lady Kharrazi’s passion for protecting and promoting the arts comes from her own artistic career. As a ballerina and opera singer, Lady Kharrazi Artist has been a star of the stage for decades. Now, even as she graces the stage less often, she is always involved in performances.

She supports the performing arts as a personal passion and an important part of our shared history and culture. “I honestly believe that art is the international language,” Lady Kharrazi says. “Through art – dance, music, body movement, – we can pass on our messages.”

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