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Phoolan and Gender Gap

Across the world, women are coming together to make change.  Without strong mentorship and support, progress would be slow. Lady Kharrazi and others like her work every day to increase economic, educational, and political opportunities for women. These actions are pivotal to helping women and the rest of the world realize the benefits that female…… Continue reading Phoolan and Gender Gap

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Jamileh Kharrazi at the Global Hope Leadership Summit 2017

The session focuses on the world’s people as a whole. Which Highlights the importance of basic human rights for all. Some of the individuals making change have helped better the Middle East In important ways.

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Jamileh Kharrazi in Uganda: Second Chances at St. Peter’s Orphanage

Orphans in Uganda’s capital are getting a second chance at life through the good work at a new orphanage named after Saint Peter, Said Lady Jamileh Kharrazi. Established in 2015, this small Catholic charity provides a home to Ugandan youth. Over the past two decades, AIDS and political instability have left many kids without parents.…… Continue reading Jamileh Kharrazi in Uganda: Second Chances at St. Peter’s Orphanage