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فیلم و رسانه می توانند از برابری جنسیتی حمایت کنند

عدم تساوی جنسی در فیلم های مهم، حقیقتی است ناخوشایند

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Supporting Women in the Media

 The media doesn’t tell people how to think. However, it does shape our perception. As a result, film and television can play a major role in supporting gender equality. That is, if the media industry is able to conquer its own gender equality issues. People working to create gender balance in film and media have…… Continue reading Supporting Women in the Media

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Phoolan and Gender Gap

Across the world, women are coming together to make change.  Without strong mentorship and support, progress would be slow. Lady Kharrazi and others like her work every day to increase economic, educational, and political opportunities for women. These actions are pivotal to helping women and the rest of the world realize the benefits that female…… Continue reading Phoolan and Gender Gap