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Refugee Women Experience New Opportunities in European Cities

Over the past few years, Europe has seen an influx of refugees. BBC recently reported on the migrant crisis the continent has experienced. Over a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015 alone. Migration has slowed from its peak, but it shows no signs of stopping. They estimate over 362,000 refugees crossed the…… Continue reading Refugee Women Experience New Opportunities in European Cities

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Every day, we are reminded of all that women contribute to society. Each day is an opportunity to thank our mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters for all that they do. But March 8 is a particularly auspicious day for women – it’s International Women’s Day! International Women’s Day is a celebration of the many achievements…… Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day!

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Women in Tunisia

Tunisia continues to make important reforms for women. For example, Tunisia once banned Muslim women from marrying outside their faith. Now, women have freedom to marry who they choose. Similarly, the government created a new law that gave Tunisian women unprecedented legal support. In mid-2017, Tunisia passed a new law protecting women from violence. International…… Continue reading Women in Tunisia