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The Bandit Queen: A New Inspiration

From Bandit to Parliamentarian
Phoolan is a Hero and role model for all women.

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Women are Key to Saudi Arabia’s Economic Future

To diversify away from oil, the Saudi labor ministry has enacted policies to add millions of jobs in construction, transportation, tourism, consumer goods, and real estate markets. Mobilizing the female workforce will be necessary to fill these new jobs

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Jamileh Kharrazi and UNESCO

Everyday Heroes Global Hope Coalition Honors Some Empowering Women Not all heroes wear capes. The Global Hope Coalition Leadership Summit honored 10 people for their fight against hate and radicalism. The session focused on the world’s people as a whole. This highlights the importance of basic human rights for all. Almost half of the honorees…… Continue reading Jamileh Kharrazi and UNESCO

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Jamil Kharrazi on Saudi Arabia Allowing Women to Drive

Saudi Arabia Allows Women to Drive for First Time A plan to better the lives of women living in Saudi Arabia Wednesday marked a historic day for women in Saudi Arabia. A royal decree now allows women of the region to drive, without the permission of a male guardian. In a country where women need…… Continue reading Jamil Kharrazi on Saudi Arabia Allowing Women to Drive